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The Icefjord Saga: Teeth (Volume 1)

by Zaya Feli
Twelve years after the death of his family, Isa meets a boy in the woods with an injured foot who can bring ravens back to life. But something else has come to Ulfheim, and when Isa opens the rune ward keeping the village safe to let the strange boy through, the wicked beast that has haunted Isa’s dreams his entire life follows.

Six years later, the boy from the woods returns and his arrival sets events into motion much grander than Isa could have foreseen. Isa’s control is slipping. The wolves close in on Ulfheim and home is no longer safe.

In the north, Fenrisborg stirs. If Karel wants to save his sister and prove his worth, he must act now. But Ulfheim is as unforgiving as his father's chilled halls and Karel will need all his skills to deceive a jarl and capture an evil creature.


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Jun 30 2018
Zaya Feli