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Bitter Awakenings (The Keeper Chronicles, Book 1)

by Kester James Finley
Southern charm meets devilish intent.

Being nearly immortal and stuck in the body of a young girl alongside an injured demon has been a long road for Truddie Mae. As a Keeper, blessed by the fates to protect the veil using supernatural magic, she has grown weary from lack of excitement. Nestled within the swampy wilderness of her Florida home, her existence will soon be threatened.

The veil, a magical barrier between our world and the astral planes, is in distress urging for her help against a sinister new enemy that has breached this reality. Driven by a ravenous appetite for energy, it will stop at nothing until everything is consumed. Now, forced to work alongside a tri-blooded enigma, a nature mage, and a snobby ice enchantress, she must race to rescue others in its path and stop this wicked threat from ultimately unraveling the entire universe.

Against the odds, the countdown begins. Can they stop this ticking monstrosity of devouring darkness or will time run out for them all?


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Fantasy, Metaphysical, Occult, Mystery, Witch & Wizard, Magical Realism, Dark Horror, Occult Horror, Paranormal & Urban
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Jul 15 2017
Kester James Finley