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Stone Bound (Chaos and Retribution)

by Eric T. Knight
Three children with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky...

Are all that stands between the world and the chaotic power of the Abyss.

Fen is only a boy when his city is sacked by enemy invaders. His mother is cut down before his eyes. Yet somehow, when the blade is turned on him, he survives without a scratch. But the attack awakens a strange power inside him, the same power that killed his father years ago.

Aislin came from the sea, her origins a mystery. Within her is an innate power over water, as natural as breathing. But she lives in a world of her own, emotionally isolated from everyone else, including Netra, the woman who is raising her. Bullied by the other children, Netra fears that one day Aislin will turn her power on them.

Karliss was touched by the wind at birth, destined to be the greatest wind shaman his people have ever seen. But he is careless with his power and he ignores the warnings about the madness that afflicts those who don't protect themselves against the spirits in the wind. When a ritual goes wrong and strikes down his mentor, Karliss suddenly has to deal with the true responsibilities of power.

The powerful, inhuman denizens of the Abyss are reaching out to take the world, and only these three children have a chance of stopping them, but only if they can learn to master not just their powers, but themselves...


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Fantasy, Epic, Children's Magic
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Jun 13 2017
Eric T. Knight