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The Recruit: N.A.V.S.A. Series Book One (The North American Vampire Secret Agency)

by Claudia Silva
Rebecca Sawyer lives an uneventful life in her small town until a stranger enters her life. After meeting him, Rebecca finds out more than she expected, including a secret society in charge of protecting humankind from the supernatural. Now, Rebecca is forced to choose between the safety of her old life or the adventure that awaits in an unfamiliar world she has been invited to join.


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Fantasy, New Adult & College, Urban Life, Paranormal & Urban, Urban, Folklore, Mythology, Vampire Suspense, Werewolves & Shifters Suspense, Romance, Paranormal Vampire, Paranormal Witches & Wizards
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Listed Publisher
CSA Creative
Publication Date
Feb 22 2017
Claudia Silva