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Prophecy of Three: An Irish Witch Urban Fantasy (The Starseed Trilogy Book 1)

by Ashley McLeo
Lily thought growing up in a hippie commune meant her life was odd.

But that’s nothing, compared to learning she’s a descendant of the McKay clan, a renown Irish witching family.

Or that she’s one of three witches fated to save humanity from an ancient, devious magical race. A race guilty of starting countless witch hunts and committing hundreds of murders in history—all because they were searching for the fated three.

Lily’s knee-jerk reaction is to run screaming back to what is known and easy, but once she gets her first taste of magic everything changes. Nothing has ever felt more real or right.

She’s hooked.

Despite the promise of danger, Lily throws herself into her magical education in hopes of holding off the barbaric magical race threatening to destroy the world as she knows it.

Because the McKay witches have the upper hand for now, but something tells Lily that won’t last long.

Prophecy of Three is a paranormal fantasy with engaging characters, seamlessly woven mythology, and heart-pounding moments of action that will keep you turning the page. It is perfect for fans of the TV show Charmed and The All Souls Trilogy.


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Romance, Paranormal Witches & Wizards, Children's Greek & Roman, Fantasy, Children's Magic, Children's Greek & Roman Myths, Children's Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural
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Listed Publisher
Meraki Press
Publication Date
May 02 2017
Ashley McLeo