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Shadow of the Council

by Cadence Connor
The Khalyn Council has kept the peace for centuries and in the five years since the great Sheain War it has continued to do so with an iron grip. What terrifying secrets will Zach Baran discover as he gets close to one of its highest ranking members?

Someone like him should never have been enrolled here, something he is constantly reminded of. So how did Zach get so lucky to study under a ranking council member? As he begins his training to unlock an ancient power, he starts to realize something is off with the governing Council.

The beloved Khalyn Council he once held in such high regards has been keeping a dark secret from its citizens. As thousands of new planets begin to fall under the Khalyn's rule and many others compete for power, can Zach figure out what is right from what is wrong? And does he even know which side he is actually helping?


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Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Coming of Age
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Independently published
Publication Date
Oct 04 2020
Cadence Connor