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Forever Grace

by Holly Hall
In the aftermath of a tragedy, twenty-six-year-old Blake Kendall has all but given up on relationships. It seems that nobody truly gets her, until she meets the enigmatic owner of a charitable bookstore called Forever Grace. Landon Farrar's dry humor couldn't clash more with her cynical wit, but she senses there's more to the sharp-tongued Landon than meets the eye. He acts like he's the only thing keeping the bookstore together, but as Blake gets to know him better, she suspects it's the other way around, and that even the odd name Forever Grace holds special significance.

Undeterred by his coldness, Blake pushes to learn more about the stranger whose scars seem to run deeper than her own. She never imagined that the ghosts of their pasts may not be all that different. When Landon's guard falters and Blake discovers the connection between them, she's faced with a decision: reveal their shared history and risk everything, or keep quiet and salvage the semi-relationship they've found?

Turns out, you can't control fate, the past doesn't always stay in the past, and the things that connect two people can often tear them apart.

*Contains sensitive subject matter. 17+


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Romance, Contemporary, New Adult & College
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Listed Publisher
Holly Hall
Publication Date
Dec 01 2016
Holly Hall