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The Newcomer: Twelve Science Fiction Short Stories (Scifi Anthologies Book 1)

by Alasdair C. Shaw et al.
From a young couple struggling to look after their baby to a new captain's reluctance to take command of her ship, and from a sun-addled stranger's appearance in town to the emergence of a sentient AI, the twelve tales presented here explore the central theme of an arrival by someone or something new.
There's even an alien puppy.

The stories are:
Tithe by Griffin Carmichael
Exodus by Alec Hutson
First Bonding by Tom Germann
Ice Dreamer by J J Green
The Nanny by Cindy Carroll
Right Hand by Jonathan C Gillespie
What Make is Your Cat? by Richard Crawford
Kaxian Duty by Cherise Kelley
Lessons Learned by J Naomi Ay
The Humra by Laura Greenwood
The Hawk of Destiny’s Fist by James S Aaron
Repulse by Alasdair Shaw


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Science Fiction, Alien Invasion, Short Stories Anthologies, Anthologies, Space Fleet, Space Marine, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian
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Nov 28 2016
Alasdair C. Shaw
Tom Germann
Cherise Kelley
Laura Greenwood
Griffin Carmichael
Alec Hutson
J. Naomi Ay
James S. Aaron
Richard Crawford
J.J. Green
Jonathan C. Gillespie
Cindy Carroll