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Breathing While Drowning: One Woman's Quest for Wholeness (A mother's poignant memoir of love, loss, courage & hope)

by Veronica Strachan

A life map for anyone drowning in loss

Losing something deeply important – a child, a friend, or even a piece of yourself – can feel like drowning in an ocean of grief.

But there IS a way through that ocean, and there are life buoys to cling to while you search for and regather your strength. And then, when you finally reach the distant shore, there’s feeling, healing and reconnection waiting for you.

In “Breathing While Drowning”, Veronica Strachan charts her 20- year journey back to life after the death of her young daughter, Jacqueline Bree. She also shares her raw journals, tools, inspirations and powerful lessons to help and inspire you to do the same in your own life – in your own way, at your own pace.

This book will do more than help you to move through your loss. It will teach you to be surprised at your own potential; to dust off your own dreams; and to live your life consciously, creatively, confidently, and remarkably.


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Death & Grief, Love & Loss, Memoirs
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True Dialogue
Publication Date
Jun 02 2020
Veronica Strachan