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Tainted Moonlight (Tainted Moonlight Series Book 1)

by Erin Kelly
Five years ago, a supernatural virus changed the world as we know it. What was once the stuff of fantasy and bad horror movies suddenly is reality- werewolves and vampires exist. It isn’t the end of the world, though for Korban Diego it often feels as if it is. A survivor of a vicious attack during the initial outbreak, Korban faces quarantine and curfews as well as new rules, regulations and prejudices that make it difficult for a werewolf to get his life back to normal.

It’s even more challenging when someone he cares about is attacked and doomed to the same fate. Now Korban must face what he has become, before the beast emerges in the tainted moonlight.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
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Oct 25 2016
Erin Kelly