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When Ash Rains Down (Kingdom Come Book 1)

When Ash Rains Down (Kingdom Come Book 1)

by Cecelia Earl
by Cecelia Earl
She thought demons didn't exist.

She was so, so wrong.

Julia's hardcore. She has no time for childhood nonsense like fairytales and romance--literally. She's too busy getting straight A's and working two jobs to get her family out of the mess her dad left them in.

Despite the stupid necklace he gave her before he bolted--the one that supposedly contained protective powers and songs of angels--she knows the truth. He never cared about her mom, brother or her, and angels and heaven are a farce.

Besides her family, she only lets her best friend, Mitch, get close to her, and even he knows how quickly she can put up walls. She won't even take a second (okay, maybe third) glance at the handsomely irritating guy at school who's been lurking around. But no matter how much she's tried to protect everyone, the life she's so painstakingly been rebuilding is about to come crumbling down.

And that necklace might have some benefit after all.

Will Julia and her family survive an explosion, a demon invasion, or even the beautiful strangers that want her to join some demon-hunting mission?

There's no question about it, money and good grades aren't going to solve all her problems anymore. It turns out there may have been something more behind her dad's disappearance...

It looks like Julia's demon-hunting days are about to begin.

Fans of Cassandra Clare, Julie Hall, and Cameo Renae will love this young adult SUPERNATURAL series by author Cecelia Earl. Enter a world where ANGELS, DEMONS, and HUMANS collide, all battling to save their KINGDOMS.

Read the ENTIRE Kingdom Come series. The Legend of Shady Creek trilogy and companion novels are all AVAILABLE NOW.

"This book packed a lot in and completed the urban-fantasy world-building in a way reminiscent of The Mortal Instruments series." ~Goodreads Reviewer

"The battle scenes were epic, yes really." ~ OMG Books and More Books YA Book Reviewer

"A fascinating first book in a series that kept me not only excited to read from one chapter to another but anticipating the next installment as well." ~ Amazon Reviewer


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YA, Fantasy, Contemporary, Occult, Coming of Age, Occult Horror, about New Experiences
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Jan 04 2017
Cecelia Earl