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A Gentleman and a Scholar (Tales of the Captain Duke Book 3)

A Gentleman and a Scholar (Tales of the Captain Duke Book 3)

by Rebecca Diem
by Rebecca Diem
Some wounds run deeper…

After tragedy strikes, Clara and the Captain Duke must find a way to adapt and move on. With their trust shaken, they need to rely on new allies to save their friends and discover who is behind the nefarious plot threatening their crew.

The thrilling third book in this steampunk adventure series follows our brave airship pirates from the towering heights of innovation to the darkest of London's back alleys as they search for the truth... and find far more than they bargained for.


"I can say without reservation that it’s some of the best indie steampunk I’ve ever read, and I would recommend her to readers looking for high adventure in small packages."
-- Mike Perschon, the Steampunk Scholar


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Science Fiction, Steampunk
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Woolf Like Me Publishing
Publication Date
Aug 29 2016
Rebecca Diem