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Straw Soldiers (The Sleepwar Saga Book 1)

by J. Douglas Burton
She can’t rest until she finds out the truth.

Zombie scarecrows try to kill Kaz Harper in her dreams every night, and she’s pretty sure the dreams are real.

Kaz isn’t alone. Andy, Meesha, Pegah, Jason and Samir fight at her side. Six strangers from all across America, teenagers whose dreams have always been safe, pleasant, normal, now must work together to survive. But how, when even looking up these people online causes a strange malware called 'White Queen' to destroy her phone?

With the help of a new friend, Alice, Kaz will journey down a rabbit-hole that may cost her everything as she faces the Sleepwar.


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YA, Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Action & Adventure
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Aug 11 2016
J. Douglas Burton