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Conversion: Transilium- Book One

by Chandra Crawford
A brave group of angels volunteered for a special mission—to fall to earth, join with humans, and become the protectors of mankind. They are the Transilium, fearless warriors against evil. But even for angels, women and romance might be more than they can handle, especially while they’re busy trying to slay the minions of the Otherkind.

Penn had no interest in having a mate. It was the one part of the mission he just wasn’t on board with. But the curvy, ebony goddess in leather who fought like a ninja was pure temptation, and he couldn’t help surrendering to his feelings for her. Was he going to regret giving his heart to the girl with the magic hair?

Daria took a gig in a bar for cash to make it home, when an encounter with an odd customer and a psychic cat made life extremely complicated. Now she was being hunted by something otherworldly, and lusting after the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, who just happened to be…an angel?


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Romance, Multicultural & Interracial, Paranormal, Multicultural
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Chandra Crawford
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Aug 06 2016
Chandra Crawford