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The Coming of Jack Walker

by Chrystal Stevens
Jack Walker is a former bullied nerd. His life is turned upside down when his girlfriend gets kidnapped and his grandfather dies. The last words his grandfather said to him were, "If you ever want to see Victoria again you must get to Vladimir Island and find my old friend Cassandra."

So Jack gets onto the island by getting accepted to the exclusive private school Van Pyre High that is located there. In between classes Jack searches for Cassandra.

Once Jack finds Cassandra, she tells him that in order to get Victoria back he has to step into his grandfather's shoes and finish what he started with Stefan. Jack feels that he isn't up to the task and feels powerless that the fate of the human world might one day rest in his hands. That day is now. The Administration for Monster Studies, a monster observing organization that his grandfather co-founded, informs him that Stefan and the Bloody Blade are coming for the Sun Amulet, a mythical object that makes the owner all powerful and immune to sunlight, that is hidden somewhere on the island.

The only problem: Jack has no idea how to be a vampire hunter let alone save the world.


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YA, Fantasy, Epic, Paranormal & Urban
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Listed Publisher
Chrystal Lee Stevens
Publication Date
Jul 17 2016
Chrystal Stevens