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by Emily Luebke
Debut Novella by Wisconsin author Emily Luebke (aka Julian Greystoke) Deidre Flemming leads a small town life. Her only concerns are family, school, and getting her yearly vaccine for the 'Sleeping Virus'. Deidre's ordinary world is shattered when the virus mutates and the previously harmless patients become ferocious monsters bent on killing anyone they see. Help is not coming and a powerful leader, a little boy with many secrets, Dedire's ex-best friend, and a kind goth boy are only some of the people she will have to deal with as she struggles to learn her place in this new world. She has only ever been a face in the crowd, but now she must rise from the ashes, fight back, and become the leader she never imagined she could be.


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Spinning Horse Publishing
Publication Date
May 01 2009
Emily Luebke