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Her Darkest Beauty (Alien Invasion)

by Patricia Renard Scholes
When the Nevians arrived on the Homeland, they not only demonstrated their military might, they brought with them nearly invisible entities that hungered to feed of the worst of human emotions. The entities particularly lusted after those with exceptional Talent in order to twist it under their control.
Nevian Talents knew how to fight off the Molochs, Talented humans did not. Karra was no more than a child when a Moloch approached her. It offered her the strength to settle the forces that had turned her world into chaos. Such beings usually ignored children, but once this child fully matured, the Moloch who approached her planned to feed off her emotions as she experienced life in all its darkest beauty. The adult Karra, once she understood what had happened, realized she either needed to find a way to defeat the alien, or allow it to control her and take away all she loved.


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Science Fiction, Galactic Empire
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Independently published
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Jan 24 2020
Patricia Renard Scholes