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The Future King: Logres

by M.L. Mackworth-Praed
Britain, 2052. In a world of war, disease and hunger the UK stands alone as a beacon of prosperity under an all-powerful ruling party. Life at new school Logres seems promising for fifteen-year-old Gwenhwyfar, and quickly she falls for the handsome and intelligent Arthur. When Arthur’s rival, the rebellious Lancelot, returns after a suspension, her heart is soon divided.

Realising that behind the UK’s prosperity lies unspeakable cruelty, Gwenhwyfar sets off on a path to dismantle everything the government stands for. Contrasting relatable teenage anxieties with fears about society, and set in a disturbingly realistic dystopian future, The Future King: Logres brings the Arthurian legends to life.


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YA, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Mythology & Folk Tales, Fairy Tale
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Listed Publisher
M. L. Mackworth-Praed
Publication Date
Dec 28 2015
M.L. Mackworth-Praed