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Children of the Blessing (The Lemurian Chronicles)

by Perry Morris
A coming of age story set in a world where kings are the puppets of trapped demons and demigods influence events from their hidden city. Children of the Blessing is the first book in the Lemurian Chronicles, an epic fantasy series, and is perfect for fans of Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Raymond E. Feist and other great fantasy authors.

Long before the world of man, demons and demigods battled for dominance. After the demons were finally bound in the Well of Sacrifice, the system of good and evil became tentatively balanced. Now that balance is threatened. Marked at birth by the

gods, Renn and Avaris set in motion an ancient prophecy that promises to shift the balance of power, so dark forces will rule unchecked. With armies and a host of magic users at his command, the Grand Warlock, Khan Devin, is determined to use the

boys to fix his place as the unchallenged ruler of man.

When Renn comes of age, his family is attacked and his home destroyed by Khan’s followers. Joining other teenage Lore users, Renn has to make the perilous journey across the continent to reach the safety of Elder Island to be trained by the Lore Masters,

with Khan Devin determined to stop them at every step. Far to the north, Avaris is abandoned and left for dead by his father, the high clan chief, who fears his blessed child. Now on his own, Avaris fights for survival with the help of an outcast necromancer. But when Avaris’s tribe is attacked by Khan’s

evil creatures and the survivors taken as slaves, Avaris must find a way to free his people. He follows the evil creatures to the Cragg Mountains, where he must face the full forces of the evil side of the Lore.

Renn and Avaris must defeat Kahn Devin and his dark forces before the demons are unleashed and the world devolves into never-ending despair . . . which means Renn and Avaris must accomplish the impossible and change their destiny.


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Fantasy, Coming of Age, Children's Magic, Epic, Sword & Sorcery
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Independently Published
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May 18 2019
Perry Morris