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The Bridge: A troll’s tale of blood, guilt and love

The Bridge: A troll’s tale of blood, guilt and love

by Angela D. Mitchell
by Angela D. Mitchell
"The magic lies in the fact that it’s such an ordinary bridge... You’d never know by looking at it that something truly horrible lies beneath. A thing that knows what your dreams are and will make them all come true. Something that will seduce you and charm you and lick your eyelids and smile into your hair and then eat you up so there’s nothing left—not even a crumb—for anyone to find and wish upon… That something is me.”

Enter the mystery and darkness of THE BRIDGE -- a troll’s tale of love, death and redemption.

In this unique twist on “Beauty and the Beast,” a young man tormented by guilt goes to a bridge to end his life, only to find an ancient and merciless evil lurking in the shadows beneath, a she-troll named Mariantha. What follows is a timeless tale of fantasy, horror, and love, beautifully told.

Don’t miss the unforgettable secrets of THE BRIDGE.


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Science Fiction, Fantasy, 45-Minute Short Reads, Dark, Dark Horror
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Westmarch Publishing
Publication Date
Dec 29 2014
Angela D. Mitchell