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by T.K. Arispe
For four thousand years, the sky-dwelling Aehirim were out of contact with the ground. Now, a secret organization called the Faemor and their mind-control technology threaten the Aehirim’s stable government as the leader of the Faemor plots her rise to power.

Rohui, a young newspaper editor and activist attempting to expose the Faemor, has never been the best at looking before he leaps. With angry conspirators giving chase, Rohui decides it’s up to him to save his civilization by making the plunge to solid ground, seeking the Slumbering Demon, a mysterious power which may be nothing more than an ancient myth. Tagging along in Rohui’s quest are a restless farmboy named Wilder and Wilder’s rambunctious younger sister Kieri, both curious about this atmospheric interloper and the world he comes from.

Their search for the Slumbering Demon, however, may end up giving the Faemor exactly what they need to complete their takeover and sap the free will of everyone, both on the land and in the sky.


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Science Fiction, Adventure
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Independently published
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Feb 09 2019
T.K. Arispe