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Nexus: Ziva Payvan Book 2

by EJ Fisch
It has been two months since the mission to Dakiti that brought Ziva Payvan and her special operations team face-to-face with death. But like any other mission, she has put it behind her and keeps her focus directed toward whatever comes next. Life for HSP’s Alpha spec ops team has essentially returned to normal.

But then a Haphezian dignitary is found murdered in his private residence, and Ziva is shocked to find herself at the center of the investigation. The mark of a professional killer. The irrefutable evidence. Even the motive. All of it seems to point directly to her. There’s just one problem: she didn’t do it.

Hunted by a ruthless HSP captain, Ziva must go on the run from the very people who taught her everything she knows. The agency that once had her back is now her biggest threat; those she considered allies have turned against her or have their hands tied. As a skilled assassin who has been trained to be invisible, evading her pursuers seems like an easy task, but her own skills can only take her so far. Desperate to clear her name and find the real killer, Ziva turns to an old acquaintance, a man who saved her life once… and the last person she ever expected to ask for help.


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Science Fiction, Galactic Empire, Adventure, Space Opera, Space Marine
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Listed Publisher
Transcendence Publishing
Publication Date
Nov 30 2014
EJ Fisch