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Contractor (The Contractors)

Contractor (The Contractors)

by Andrew Ball
by Andrew Ball
The Earth is under siege - and no one knows about it, because the invaders erase those whom they consume.

A handful of men and women stand on the border between the mundane and the magical. They have a special spark of soul; not quite enough to be naturally gifted in spellcraft, but greater than the average person, a tiny flame that can ignite incredible potential. They possess the ability to fight back against the Vorid; the ability to become a Contractor.

Daniel Fitzgerald is one of those people, but when duty comes calling, he promptly slams the door in its face. He has no illusions of grandeur. He is not someone special. He wants to go to school and study law. And frankly, he doesn't really like people. He doesn't want anything to do with magic - he just wants to be left alone.

But when the entire planet is a battlefield, there is no place to run.


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Science Fiction, Superhero, Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Romantic Action & Adventure, Paranormal & Urban
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Independently published
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Jun 16 2020
Andrew Ball