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High Born

by Natalia Leigh
Sixteen-year-old Blaer Woods doesn't want to get married. She's in love with a prince, but her mother is determined to marry her off to a pauper. In a rush to escape her arranged marriage, Blaer runs away. Under the cover of night, she takes to the forest, a place that most folks of Rivermoor go to lengths to avoid. She doesn't mean to get captured and imprisoned, nor does she expect to meet Rowan, a handsome boy with strawberry hair and a secret straight out of a fairy tale. It is with his help that she must save those who she loves, or risk losing them forever. In a medieval world full of mystery and myth, Blaer discovers more about her mother's mysterious past, her father's disappearance, and the truth about who she really is.


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YA, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Paranormal & Urban
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Aug 19 2014
Natalia Leigh