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Some Assistance Required (Doorwayen Book 1)

by C.L. Ogilvie
Glenda Melner needs a job.

Ever since the portal between the human and magical worlds opened, the City of Doorwayen has been flooded with magical applicants. Her only hope is Rupert Meier, the incredibly handsome vampire attorney. He needs an assistant, but he usually prefers humans as food. Fortunately for Glenda, he's desperate.

Between meetings with the Mermaid Coalition, dodging militant protesters and avoiding calls from his terrifying mother, Glenda has her hands full with her new boss, who is quickly starting to depend on her for everything.

In fact, Rupert is looking to make their arrangement a little more... permanent.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban, Romantic Comedy, Romantic
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Oct 21 2016
C.L. Ogilvie