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American Fantasy

by Chad D. Christy
Faith Is Strength! When a common doomsday prophecy actually comes to pass, Chris and Don are ripped from their mundane lives in suburban Pittsburgh and thrust into the roles of wandering heroes. Gone are the campfire parties and nights out with their friends. Gone are the pipe dreams of youth and the simple worries of social acceptance. Belief Is Reality! Struggling to accept their new reality, the inexperienced heroes venture into the new American frontier hoping to bolster a staggered society. From the fields of Ohio to the Rocky Mountains and beyond, Chris and Don discover the last clustered fragments of humanity fighting for survival against creatures of myth and folklore. They must not only uncover the source of the threat, but also find a way to fight back against the legendary beasts.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
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Listed Publisher
Chad D. Christy
Publication Date
Jun 02 2014
Chad D. Christy