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Get Out Of My Head: Ninth Anniversary Edition

by William Coker
What would possess a boy to wear a Max Headroom sweatshirt for his sixth-grade yearbook photo? A burgeoning love of counterculture and science fiction? A wardrobe provided by the local K-Mart? Any guess is a valid one since nobody knows for sure, but that boy grew up to write Get Out Of My Head. Take a journey through a world of flash fiction and visit such thrilling destinations as unrequited love, loss and infidelity. Side trips include paranoia, abuse, cybernetic body modification and cannibalism. You will meet a misanthropic, suicidal murderer, an insane military general and the greatest musical group of all time, Stillborn Assassins. The 1000-word average for each installment allows for maximum enjoyment with a minimal investment of your time. As a bonus, this volume also contains the epic short story, "Immortally Wounded." Take a few minutes, grab your favorite beverage and allow yourself to be entertained, even if it's just for a few pages at a time.


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Apr 14 2014
William Coker