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The Lost Guardian

by K.N. Timofeev
Hunted by an abusive husband, betrayed by friends and family too blind to see the truth, Erin has no choice but to disappear. Whisked away to the other side of the world, Erin struggles to put back the shattered pieces of her life under a new name.
But nothing is as it appears. Ancient forces stir, placing new demands on a fragile soul. Erin must now find her strength if she ever hopes to survive.

5 Star review
K. N. Timofeev has written the type of book where you are dying to read more. Timofeev has a knack for developing meaningful narratives on each and every page. Take a chance, you won't be disappointed.


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Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban
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Jan 23 2015
K.N. Timofeev