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Sniper (The Al Anbar Chronicles: First Marine Expeditionar Book 3)

by Jonathan P. Brazee
Noah Lindt heard the call of duty after the tragic events of 9/11. Despite a hampering medical condition that kept him on the outskirts of his high school class, he was accepted into the Marines where he found out he had a singular skill. He could outshoot almost anyone.

Marksmanship alone is not enough to be a successful scout sniper. Teamwork and mental discipline are paramount, and the self-professed loner has problems adjusting to his spotter as well as the rest of his platoon when they deploy to Ramadi, “the most dangerous city on earth.”

As a HOG, a “Hunter of Gunmen,” Corporal Lindt has to break through his personal barriers and become not only a marksman, but an NCO of Marines if his team will make it through numerous engagements with an enemy who has put a bounty on all American snipers.

This is the third volume of The Chronicles of Al Anbar; however, it is also a stand-alone book in its own right and does not have to be read in conjunction with the other two volumes.


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Semper Fi Press
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Nov 17 2013
Jonathan P. Brazee