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As the Crow Flies: A Sword and Sorcery Adventure (Tales of a Thief Book 1)

by Robin Lythgoe
Not every prize is all it’s cracked up to be.

I am Crow, and I am a thief.

Not just any thief, mind, but the best and most famous thief in all the glittering empire. Ask anyone. Ask Tanris, who’s hunted me all these years and never pinched so much as a tail feather.

Ask Baron Duzayan, the scheming wizard who convinced me to steal a myth.

I always said you couldn’t trust a wizard, and Duzayan is a stellar warning against the breed. He took my beautiful Tarsha. He poisoned me. And he gave me to Tanris.

He shouldn’t have done that. I’ll fetch his silly trinket, then I’ll be back to ruin him—Or die trying…

Until, of course, he can think of a better plan…


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Fantasy, Humorous
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Robin Lythgoe
Publication Date
Dec 10 2012
Robin Lythgoe