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Prophecy of the Heir: Primordium (The Chronicles of Time)

by J.C. Lamont
Where the Dead Breathe and the Immortal die -- In a world steeped in bloodlust, the avenging archangel Michael is sent to protect a sacred lineage hunted by the dark lord, Hashatan. Haunted by visions of a bleeding tree growing atop a blackened skull, Michael kills priests and kings in an attempt to ensure the birth of the prophesied Heir. But will he go too far?

Ex-goth turned apologist, JC left home at 17 convinced by her father (a pastor) that God couldn't look at her, let alone hear her prayers. Needless to say, she didn't bother reading the Bible, until one day she accidently discovered the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament. Hoping to reach others who had been turned off by Christianity, she spent 10 years researching and writing Prophecy of the Heir -- a suspenseful, action-packed, battle-ridden love story, which is how JC now views the Bible.


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Nov 18 2018
J.C. Lamont