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The Elder Blood Chronicles: In Shades of Grey

by Melissa Myers
In a breath it was gone -- her home, her family, her future. For Jala, the first taste of magic was a brutal one. Spared from death by the protection of a god, Jala is rescued by outlaws and taken to a remote country temple to be raised. Thinking herself no more than a farmer's orphan, Jala is caught completely off guard when told that she is to train at the High Academy. With no escape from this new future, Jala finds herself cast out of the temple and forced into a world of magic and intrigue. Now she must learn quickly about her world as well as herself if she is going to survive.

As Jala's magic unfolds she is drawn back to her ruined homeland by nightmares and acquires a Familiar like no other. Realizing she is far more than a simple farmer's daughter, Jala begins searching for the secrets of her past. As the truth unfolds and her reputation in the city of Sanctuary grows, so does the danger. With half of the Elder Blood houses wanting her dead and the other half wanting her help, Jala finds herself the center of more attention than she ever wanted.


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Fantasy, Epic
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Jun 23 2012
Melissa Myers