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Ashener's Calling (LORE: The Vallance War Series)

by David Partelow
LORE: The Vallance War Series, Book One.

The country of Vallance shines as a stalwart beacon of hope for all of mankind. At great cost and bloodshed its people now stand united, ushering in the next phase of human evolution while striving toward a golden age of prosperity. Vallance is also the only world that Norryn Ashener has ever known. As his father Alderich faithfully leads from their nation's great capital, Norryn is still too young to yet realize his own importance. But soon the child prodigy will be forced to face his destiny as the world he knows begins to shatter. And it all starts with a gift, the blessing and curse of an amulet known as Ashener's Calling.
But Ashener's Calling is more than just a talisman of untold power. It is the ultimate symbol of prestige signifying leadership within Vallance, forged to reveal and protect a legendary bloodline. From father to son, this amulet is handed to Norryn who must accept his fate and the gravity of such a burden. For little does he know, the bordering country of Thorne holds sinister plans of conquest and destruction, plans for which there may be no stopping. As tensions mount and Thorne brings its technological might into the borders of Vallance, the greatest weapon they possess is a bold traitor poised to strike at the worst possible moment.

On a landscape painted with mythical masked warriors, gunslingers lasers and cyborgs, an epic struggle descends upon the Vallance capital town of Bannar. Time is running short for Norryn as treachery hits close to home. With Ashener's Calling in hand, he will use his skills and wits in an attempt to uncover the traitor, save his loved ones and preserve the future of his country. Through the darkest hours Vallance has ever known, Norryn shall make a stand where his choices and actions will decide the fate of thousands. But with all that he knows and loves in the balance, the young heir soon realizes the cost of valor in a dark and painful revelation.

The one life he may not be able to save is his own.


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Feb 18 2019
David Partelow